Physician Assisted Weightloss

New Innovative Clinically proven medical treatments to lose weight fast

Here at Weight X Medical, we offer a variety of services to aid you in achieving that dream body. During your initial visit, our highly trained and qualified staff will design a program to fit your individual needs to achieve your desired weight loss goal, while ensuring your safety.

Your initial visit will contain a thorough physical examination to determine your current health status.
Your medical history will be explored to see if there are any external health factors, such as thyroid issues or diabetes, that are hindering your weight loss. From there, our physicians will design a weight loss plan catered to your individual goals and lifestyle.

The long-term savings that can be gained from avoiding medications, hospital stays, and medical procedures are priceless in today's economy. Avoiding or delaying a heart attack or stroke for several years can mean many more years of work and generating income , a life filled with prosperous health, and more time that can be spent with family. The money you spend on a good "Weight Loss Program" will pay for itself with the education you receive on cutting the cost of food and by changing your focus from the quantity to the quality of your food.

Weight Loss Program Pricing

1. For people that have never used a prescription diet pill like Adipex, Phentermine or Phendimetrazine to lose weight, or have used, but have never been to our office ( New Patients ) can join the 12 week program at a special introductory price of $89 for the first 4 weeks. Patients will receive a basic health evaluation by a physician, a general review of medical history, weight loss advise, counseling and evaluation for safe weight loss with appetite suppressants.  Patients also qualify for 28 diet pills, and 14 water pills,($10) and/or 28 Metformin ($20) or Detox ($39)  For a limited time only, receive a B12 injection to boost energy and increase metabolism.

 2. All prior patients and patients after the 12 week program can choose to continue their program to achieve their weight loss goal through and learn to keep the lost weight off at $200/ 4 weeks. Patients will get a general health evaluation by a physician, review of their medical history, weight loss advice, counseling, and an evaluation for safe weight loss with appetite suppressants. Patients also qualify for 28 diet pills, and 14 water pills($10),  and/or 28 Metformin ($20) or Detox ($39), and several other supplements at their given price.  For a limited time only, receive a B12 injection to boost  energy and increase metabolism.